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Company History

  • The company was originally incorporated as a public company called Levers Optical Company Ltd in 1934 as a manufacturer of spectacle frames and lenses, based in Mount Pleasant, off the Grays Inn Road in Central London.
  • In 1972 Andrew Perloff, a commercial property agent at the time, together with his associates, acquired control of Levers Optical.
  • The original intention had been to relocate the optical business and realise the value of the company’s building in Mount Pleasant for investment or development purposes.
  • The company continued to operate as an optical business and also as a property investment business until 1980, when the optical business was sold so that the company could concentrate on property investment and development.  The group retained the Mount Pleasant building and changed the company’s name to Panther Securities Ltd.
  • In 1982 the Company was re-registered as a public limited company becoming Panther Securities PLC.
  • The company has expanded by purchasing individual properties, property portfolios and by taking over small property companies.
  • In 1994 Panther Securities PLC achieved a full listing so that its shares were traded on the London Stock Exchange.
  • In 2004 the Mount Pleasant property was sold for £8.8m.
  • In 2009 Panther Securities PLC relocated to Deneway House, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.
  • In 2013 Panther Securities PLC ceased being fully listed on the London Stock Exchange and was admitted to trading on the Alternative Investment Market (“AIM”).  The company’s Board decided that the regulation environment of AIM was more suitable than that required under the London Stock Exchange.
  • Panther Securities PLC to this day continues to operate as a successful property investment company being quoted on AIM.


Financial Accounts Period Ended 30 June 2022

Financial Accounts Period Ended 30 June 2022
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Financial Accounts Year Ended 31 December 2021
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Appointment of a Non-Executive Director – 31 January 2023
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Trading Update & Declaration of Special Dividend – 16 January 2023
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Total Voting Rights – 30 December 2022
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