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Biographical details of Executive Directors:-

Andrew Perloff (Chairman)
He has over 50 years’ experience in the property sector, including over 40 years’ experience of being a Director of a Public Listed Company mainly as Panther’s Chairman.  He has significant experience of corporate activity including several contested take-over bids and has also served on the Board of Directors of 6 other public listed companies. He is currently a non-executive director of Beale Ltd and Airsprung Furniture Ltd.

Simon Peters (Finance Director)
He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation, and a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and was formerly with the KPMG Corporate Tax Department and Lombard Bank Finance Department. He is currently a non-executive director of Beale Ltd and Airsprung Furniture Ltd.  He joined Panther in 2004 and was appointed Finance Director in 2005.

John Perloff (Executive)
Previously with a commercial West End agent specialising in retail acquisitions and disposals, he joined Panther in 1994.  His areas of responsibility include property lettings and acquisitions.  He was appointed Executive Director in 2005.

Biographical details of Non-executive Directors:-

Bryan Richard Galan (Non-executive)
He is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. He was formerly joint Managing Director of Amalgamated Investment and Property Co. Limited (a publicly quoted company which was listed on the London Stock Exchange) and was formerly a Non-excutive director of Rugby Estates Investment Trust PLC, as the Company was taken over in 2010.  He was appointed to Panther’s board in 1994. He is Chairman of the Remuneration Committee and a member of the Nomination and Audit Committees.

Peter Michael Kellner (Non-executive)
He is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers and of the Institute of Taxation. He was formerly joint General Manager of the UK banking operations of Credit Lyonnais Bank Nederland NV.  He was appointed to Panther’s board in 1994. He is Chairman of the Audit and Nomination Committees and a member of the Remuneration committee.

Corporate Governance
The Directors recognise the importance of sound corporate governance and the Company seeks to comply with the requirements of the Corporate Governance Code for Small and Mid-Sized Quoted Companies 2013, published by the Quoted Companies Alliance from time to time, to the extent the directors consider it appropriate given the Company’s size and nature.

Audit Committee
The Audit Committee has two members, both of whom are the non-executive Directors and it is chaired by Peter Kellner.  Its terms of reference, which are available from the Company’s registered office, are that it meets at least twice a year to review the Group’s accounting policies, financial and other reporting procedures, with the external auditors in attendance when appropriate.

The internal controls are reviewed annually ensuring their effectiveness and any specific issues are dealt with if and when they arise.  When the Board reviews internal controls they consider the effectiveness of controls, concentrating on all material controls, including operational and compliance controls, and risk management systems.

Remuneration Committee
The Remuneration Committee consists solely of the two non-executive Directors, Bryan Galan (Chairman) and Peter Kellner. It reviews the terms and conditions of service of the Chairman and Executive Directors, ensuring that salaries and benefits satisfy performance and other criteria.  When setting remuneration the Committee consults with the Chairman of the Board and no external third parties are consulted.


Financial Accounts Year Ended 31 December 2017

Financial Accounts Year Ended 31 December 2017
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Financial Accounts Period Ended 30 June 2017

Financial Accounts Period Ended 30 June 2017
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Results of 2018 AGM – 22 June 2018
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Property sale, trading update and special dividend – 16 April 2018
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Trading update – 7 March 2018
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